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Leslie Heyer, LMHC

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have been meaning to write and tell you how much my 6 year old son and I love The Sleep Fairy CD. It is not only precious but it works! My son clamors to hear it each night and I want to put it on my IPod for me. As a therapist who works with kids and parents I will recommend this one to anyone who will listen. Thanks for having great stuff on your website. Sincerely, Leslie Heyer, LMHC


Friday, March 26, 2010

Hi sleep Fairy we are ten and we still love you! Can you tell is how to get into fairy land! We have had absolutley brilliant sleeping days!

health journeys

Sunday, March 14, 2010

January 18, 2010 Reviewed by: Karen B We've been using the Sleep Fairy off and on for over 2 yrs now and it STILL works. The Sleep Fairy is like a wonderful friend that the kids talk about among themselves while getting ready for bed. They each have their favorite parts and rarely get through the entire CD. Sleep Fairy April 02, 2009 Reviewed by: Danielle Jones I can't even believe it. It's only been 2 nights, but you don't understand what I have gone through for the last 5 years!!! it has always taken my daughter at least an hour, to fall asleep every night.....constantly getting up, asking questions, you name it! She was asleep in 20 min the first night and 15min the second night!! I recommend this for ALL Moms and Dads!!!! The Sleep Fairy May 20, 2008 Reviewed by: Karel Allen This is the best CD purchase I have ever made. I was having a very difficult time getting my 5 year old to go to bed at night in his own bed. This CD did the trick! It's very soothing and give my son something to focus on and to relax him. The Sleep Fairy is our bed-time staple.


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