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Lisa Malkiewicz is a qualified stress management consultant, guided imagery specialist and mother.

I've been a Stress Management consultant for eight years. Most of my clients are executives who need to be taught how to handle anxiety in their lives. They are brilliant business people but they don't know how to deal effectively with stress. This effects their health. So what I do, basically, is teach them different relaxation techniques, including guided imagery and progressive relaxation.

Well, wouldn't you know, that a stress problem popped up in my own house. But it was with my daughter. She had a nightmare then became afraid of going to bed. I did what any first time parent would do. Looked through books for answers, asked my friends what they did in this situation. A lot of the popular wisdom in this area just didn't work or if it did, it seemed a harsh way of dealing with a frightened child. Finally it dawned on me... this clinging bedtime resistance fighter was just another person with anxiety and stress. "I KNOW how to do this!" The challenge was taking the tools and the skills I teach to adults and presenting them in a way that would be easy for a child to assimilate.

So I created the Sleep Fairy, someone who could be their friend. She's loving, she' s fun and before they know it they've drifted off to sleep.

Here's what kids know: They like the Sleep Fairy. Her magic makes them feel safe. But as a parent I know that the recording is a stepping stone to independence - to being able to create that safe feeling for themselves. The CD is packed with stress reduction techniques and teaches children a series of thought cycles that will relax them and create positive mental habits at bedtime. We all know that vexing thoughts notoriously show up at bedtime. But the Sleep Fairy causes healthy thought patterns to imprint on the child's experience and become an internal resource they can rely on. Without realizing it the kids are becoming proficient at important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

My daughter actually started looking forward to bedtime. My friends had great results with their children. My daughter's pediatrician began recommending it. Now I hear of kids quoting the Sleep Fairy or asking for her at naptime. I'm thrilled when parents tell me the CD makes bedtime easy. I'm privileged to touch children's lives in a loving way.

:-) Lisa Malkiewicz


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