Sleep Fairy - Award winning guided relaxation cd for children


dr. toy award winner

Magic Ingredients

sleep music for childrenThe Sleep Fairy "Easy Sleep" CD includes

Progressive Relaxation - "...and when I wave my magic wand you can feel the sprinkling fairy dust relaxing your head... and neck... and shoulders..."

Remembering Positive Events of the Day - This trains the brain to focus on positive thoughts. We also look forward to the fun things in store for us tomorrow.

Guided Imagery - The Sleep Fairy takes the listener on an imaginative walk through an enchanted forest where they meet a soft friendly bunny whom the child can hold and pet.

Good Behavior and Self-Esteem Affirmations - The Sleep Fairy affirms the listener as smart, creative, strong and healthy. She gives loving praise for being a good friend, and for good behavior such as listening, cooperating, and sharing. She also expresses approval for good eating habits.

Good Dream Direction - Finally the Sleep Fairy presents the child with an imaginary crystal amulet filled with fairy dust that empowers the child with light, safety, and the ability to make their best dreams come true.


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